Monday, January 31, 2011

Special thanks to Susan Langley and Alexandre Monteiro for sending in news items.

1. A life spent underwater: Peter Ronald has salvaged items from local shipwrecks over many years of diving:

2. New Sutton Hoo photographs unearthed:

3. Divers find missing piece in Mary Rose jigsaw:

4. Did Vikings navigate by polarized light?

5. Neu an der Universität Marburg: “Nautische Archäologie” [Ralph Pedersen]:

6. By accident, 18th-century wharf revealed:

7. UNEXSO divers uncover a mystery from the ‘Papa Doc’ wreck:

8. Modern humans reached Arabia 65,000 years earlier:

9. Divers find rare bell off St. Augustine coast:

10. Clues to ship’s ID elusive:

11. Derelict ship contained on Columbia River:

12. Shipwreck mystery unfolds [Indian Rocks Beach]:

13. Experts race the clock to preserve N.C. shipwreck:

14. Archeologists discover ancient ruins along Tanzanian coastal area:

15. Epic struggle: Fans fight to revive an oar-powered Greek warship:

16. Sink and swim:

17. Diving deep into HMNS’ Real Pirates: Barry Clifford, the man behind the find [Houston Museum of Natural Science]:

18. Treasures from the sea [commercial salvage]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde