Monday, January 24, 2011

Special thanks to Ross Anderson and Susan Langley for sending in news items. Best, Wendy

1. The making of a canoe [Mari Nawi: Aboriginal Odysseys 1790-1850]:

2. Fisherman barely escapes surging river [little off topic]:

3. “Duyfken” secure in Brisbane River:

4. Diving the historic PS “Clonmel” wreck:

Interesting blog:

5. Edo Castle stones found in Sagami Bay, Japan:

6. O Galeão São Paulo – Seixal – 1589 [Filipe Castro & Pepper Wreck]:

7. Ancient silver coins on display at Galle Marine Archaeology Museum [Great Basses]:

8. Pilar Luna, Pioneer of Mexican Underwater Archaeology, given J.C. Harrington Award:

9. Will “Titanic: vanish right before our eyes?

10. Noah’s Ark “he said, she said”: Hoax confession now denied:

11. Correction: Shipwreck discovered story [more on the USS “Revenge”]:

12. More on the “PeeDee”:

13. EPA to seek divers for sunken tug in Lake Champlain:

14. Die Florida Keys & Key West präsentieren sich auf der ‘boot 2011’ [in German]:…_4341.html

15. Side-scan sonar demonstration [GeoAcoustics]:

16. Shipwrecked whisky to go on display at Liverpool Maritime Museum:

17. World’s oldest Heidsieck champagne found in shipwreck [more on…]:

18. Ship of gold in the deep blue sea; Discovery of the SS “Central America”:


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