Monday, January 17, 2011

Special thanks to George Fisher and Susan Langley for sending in news items.

1. HMS “Victory” rotting and being pulled apart under its own weight:

2. First it was an iceberg, now it’s bacteria: Rust-eating species ‘will destroy wreck of “Titanic” within 20 years’:

3. UNESCO works to preserve nautical archaeology [interview with Barbara Egger]:

4. Nautical archaeology threatened by trawlers[interview with Shelley Wachsmann]:

5. Excavating the ruins of Cleopatra:

6. Two giant statues uncrated for ‘Cleopatra’:

7. Mesmerized by Okinawa’s dramatic underground caves:

8. Civil War shipwreck’s iconic engine gets TLC [USS “Monitor”]:

9. Whaling industry ships call every March with jobs for experienced seamen [18th century]:

10. Spanish treasure battle to be fought here:

11. New map charts Chesapeake shipwrecks:

12. Coast a ‘graveyard’ of lost ships:

13. Was this Blackbeard’s sword?

14. Divers discover historic shipwreck off New Englang coast [more on USS “Revenge”]:

15. On the hunt for pirate ‘treasure’:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
Department of Maritime Archaeology | Shipwreck Galleries | Western Australian Museum