Monday, February 28, 2011

Special thanks to Susan Langley and Victor Mastone for sending in news items.

1. The most amazing woman you’ve never heard of [Rose Marie de Freycinet]:

2. VOC collection handed over to Western Australia:!/photo.php?fbid=496991187311&set=a.392493352311.178790.219433642311&comments

3. Dive into a Danish tale of seafarers and dreamers:

4. Sunken surprises in Dutch Flevoland:

5. Heritage crime crackdown follows illegal wreck dive:

6. World’s biggest sunken ship museum to establish in Turkey:

7. Ancient cities sprung from marshes, researcher finds:

8. “Cyprus: Crossroads of civilizations”:

9. Ancient hobby of sea glass collecting makes a comeback:

10. Bruneians go underwater to unfurl national flag:

11. Rust in peace: Stunning shipwrecks captured on camera around the world

12. SFU scientist to solve Amelia Earhart mystery?

13. Well-preserved ship remnants found in Outer Banks:

14. Journey of North Carolina’s oldest shipwreck:

15. Historic shipwreck discovered amid contaminated harbor sediment:

16, Shipwreck ballast uncovered in Wellfleet, Cape Cod:

17. NCF raises alarm on Lekki Beach shipwreck:

18. Piece of 18th century Bartlet Wharf headed to Maryland for conservation:

19. Civil War-era fortress now home to the State University of New York maritime college:

20. Under the Gowanus canal, flushing out the stench:

21. “Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds” Opens in Singapore [commercial salvage]:

Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
Department of Maritime Archaeology | Shipwreck Galleries | Western Australian Museum