Monday, February 26, 2012

Special thanks to Susan Katzev, Susan Langley, Cassandra Morris, Jennifer Rodrigues, Athena Trakadas, and Adam Wolfe for sending in news items.

1. Carpark shipwrecks and Coral Sea treasure:

Spin off from news above:

2. Mongol shipwreck to be first historical seabed site:

3. Swedish preservationists document likely cause of sinking of ancient sailing ship [“Vasa”]:

4. Ancient barque to be reconstructed for museum:

5. Maritime archaeology in the Indonesian archipelago:

6. Ancient trinkets unearthed in Medan:

7. Punjulharjo ancient vessel from 7th century—found in Central Java, Indonesia:

8. New website of the Maritime Archaeology Unit (MAU) in Sri Lanka:

9. Discovering Jiangsu province’s Atlantis [China]:

10. Maritime trade and Islam in the Indian Ocean: The first Swahili mosques (eleventh to thirteenth centuries) [in French]:

11. Protection for the “Titanic” on the 100th anniversary of its sinking:

12. Profit or preservation? Debate rages over “Titanic” treasures:

13. New Brunswick Museum president and board appointments announced:

14. Icy northern seas yield a harvest of wrecks:

15. Meet the only man alive who has been to the deepest ocean:

16. Job vacancy on UK’s ‘lost world’ of St Kilda:

17. Four unknown shipwrecks found [Greece]:

18. Viking pirates: Creating a maritime identity:

19. Taking tips from Vikings can help us adapt to global change:

20. Woman finds ancient artefact in shark:

21. 2nd phase of Khufu solar boat project to begin Monday:

22. 3,000-year-old shipwreck shows European trade was thriving in Bronze Age:

23. Bronze Age boats and those who dig them:

24. Bulgarian archaeologists find 130 ancient sites along Nabucco Route [gas line]:

25. Tourism: Mediterranean islands together to revive sailing:

26. Harbor-deepening project poses concerns about Fort Sumter:

27. Odyssey seeks to rebuild relationship with Spain:

28. Spanish treasure lands after 200 years:,0,7313155.story

29. Local shipwreck divers react to court ruling for Tampa Treasure Hunting Co:

30. What’s the total value of the world’s sunken treasure?


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