Monday, February 13, 2012

Three weeks worth of nautical news. Special thanks to Bob Concrich, Valerie Gussing, Susan Langley, Victor Mastone, Cassandra Morris, Mark Polzer, Tim Smith, and Adam Wolfe for sending in new items.

1. The Adelaide connection to the “Titanic” disaster [great work by Emily Jateff]:

2. “AE1” Incorporated: The search for Australia’s WW1 submarine “AE1” in PNG [Interview with Tim Smith]:

3. Race to solve the “AE1” mystery:

4. Student takes award for revealing submerged city’s secrets [Center for Filed Robotics, Sydney Uni u/w camera system]:

5. Undersea documentarian Mike deGruy dies in crash:

6. See what they are up to in Saipan:!/media/set/?set=a.252762681467960.88045.106606389416924&type=3

7. Lifting the “Cutty Sark” into place:

8. Underwater archaeology: Hunt for the ancient mariner:

9. Lost Nantucket boat washes ashore in Spain:

10. Anthropology offers new focus:

11. More than 7,500-year-old fish traps found in Russia:

12. Are shipwrecks romantic or cheesy?

13. Kenya: First underwater museum:

14. Seaport Museum sets sail, again:

15. Mass grave belonged to Viking mercenaries:

16. Vikings in Shetland – in pictures:

17. Evidence suggests Vikings grew grain in south Greenland:

18. Sediments from the Enol lake reveal more than 13,500 years of environmental history [Spain]:

19. Underwater Archaeology in Ibiza:

20. [More on “Hunley”] Pictures: Civil war sub finally revealed:

21. 140-year old shipwreck discovered on beach [Lake Michigan]:

22. Researchers probe 200-year-old shipwreck off Rhode Island [USS “Revenge”?]:–year-old-shipwreck-off-ri/article_f5c17c46-8819-55e3-9a2c-1b0a32155bb5.html

23. Archaeologists go deep to uncover history [starring Bridget Buxton]:

24. Shipwreck hunters stumble across mysterious find:

25. Islands business – cover report: Underwater time bombs:

26. ‘But is there rum in the shipwreck?’: A chat with underwater archaeologist Fritz Hanselmann:

27. U.S. court backs Spain over $500M sea treasure:–treasure-dispute/index.html?iref=storysearch

28. High court rejects stay in Spanish treasure case:

29. HMS “Victory” ‘set to be recovered’ from seabed:

30. Hazel Grove club divers show wartime relic from the deep [salvage]:

31. A Gulf shipwreck will next month yield its cache of Siamese ivory. What else waits to be found? [commercial salvage]:

32. Deal may yield world’s richest shipwreck trove:

33. Archaeologist discovers two sunken World War freighters containing bullion worth £162million [commercial salvage]:

34. Treasure hunter claims $3bn WWII-era find off US coast [commercial salvage]:–138554474.html

35. Correction: Ship of Platinum story [commercial salvage]:

36. The Capt. M Hatcher collection of sunken cargo [commercial salvage]:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
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