Monday, December 6, 2010

Special thanks to Susan Langley for sending in a news item.

1. Rare French naval gun buried up to 180 years:

2. Thieves steal artifact tank lid:

3. A 500 years b.p. or so dugout canoe find from near Tallahassee:

4. Fish traps in the Courtenay Estuary are much older than previously thought:

5. Freeze-drying history: A&M archaeologists find a way to accelerate preservation of 17th-century shipwreck:

6. Shipwreck of 1710 to be marked in Maine:

7. University of Delaware creates new communication tool for AUVs:

8. NOAA, Spain announce cooperative arrangement to preserve Maritime Underwater Heritage:

9. Wrecks of the World II: Hidden Risks of the Deep [Conference, May 2011]:

10. Christopher Colombowicz: America’s discoverer Polish not Portuguese, claim historians:

11. Treasure hunter donates artifacts:

12. A thousand shipwrecked stories call from a Baltic seabed:

13. Mystery shipwreck washes up in Stockholm [more on]:

14. The great northern culture war:

15. The oldest salt mine known to date located in Azerbaijan [bit off topic, but salty though]:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde