Monday, August 26, 2013

Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news and to Jonathan Benjamin, Jessica Berry, Britt Burton,  Denise Kuijlaars, Susan Langley, Mark Polzer,  Carrie Sowden, Peter & Jill Worsley, and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1)               World’s oldest clipper ship transported to Australia.

2)              2013 AIMA conference public lecture: Byzantine shipwrecks discovered on the south-western coast of Turkey.

3)              Getting shipshape: Assessing shipwreck significance.

4)              Wild wind and waves reveal historic ship’s grave on Yorke Peninsula beach.

5)              Three shipwrecks from 1800s found on Great Barrier Reef.

6)              Illegal anchoring and fishing damaging protected historical SA shipwreck.

7)              A Viking ship on Sydney Harbour—the mast fish.

8)              Torpedo shot from USS Iowa in 1899 surfaces.

9)              Possible shipwreck artefact to get CT scan for age.

10)           High waters erode artefacts from the Missouri River’s banks.

11)            Fresh catch: two cannon raised from the wreck of Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge.

12)           Poole wreck: Wooden head raised from seabed heightens 17th-century mystery.

13)           Drumbeg shipwreck in 3D (NW Scotland).

14)           World’s oldest clipper ship transported to Australia.

15)           Board of Longitude archives opened to the public.

16)           Vikings not the first to reach the Faroe Islands.

17)           Oldest globe to show ‘New World’ discovered.

18)           Intact Roman ship, complete with cargo, found off coast of Italy.\-found-off-coast-of-Italy/UPI-29381376089380/?spt=hs&or=sn\ar-6C10900648\2_000_year_old_commerce_vessel.html\tml

19)           Massive fortifications from Iron Age found on Israeli coast.

20)          Sunken Ottoman ship ready to surrender cargo for exhibition.

21)           Race-against-time excavations to rescue Batman’s archaeological sites from underwater fate.

22)          Old shipwrecks keep showing up along central Vietnam.

23)          Haitan Strait is Pingtan’s first state-level relic protection site.

24)          Vietnamese fishermen find another old shipwreck near central coast [salvage].

25)          Sunken treasures: the world’s most valuable shipwreck discoveries [commercial salvage].


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
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