Monday, August 15, 2011

Special thanks to Susan Langley and Victore Mastone for sending in news items.

1. Climate, natural hazards and change in Southeast Asia [WA Museum is this project’s maritime archaeology partner]:

2. Shipwreck links neighbours [SA, “Admella”]:

3. Our windy weekend with SUHR:

4. Port MacDonnell Jetty: Is that a pylon, or a pile??

5. Team explores 19th century Parthenon marble shipwreck in Greece [“Mentor”]:

6. The central role of rivers and springs in ancient Athens:

7. 1,800-year-old shipwreck holds key to radioactive waste:

8. The incredible images of British ship bombed by German warplanes 70 years ago that has become a diving hotspot:

9. Vladimir Putin’s Greek urns claim earns ridicule [He is obviously not trying to set an example for best practice in UCHM]:

10. Finnish shipwreck from 1924 found in France:

11. Salme yields evidence of oldest sailing ship in Baltic Sea:

12. Hedvig Sophia 2011 shipwreck project, day 12 [Blog Maritime Archaeology Programme, University of Southern Denmark]:

13. Tyre tries to defend World Heritage status [read about the man snorkelling in this ancient port city]:

14. Lauren Lancaster’s United Arab Emirates [for the TAMU Nautical Archaeology Program class of 2000!]:

15. Adovasio continues underwater search for new frontier:

16. A brief dry spell for the U.S.S. “Monitor”:

17. The ghost ships of Royston:

18. Eric Sharp: Shipwrecks in Thunder Bay offer sanctuary for divers:

19. Suit accuses treasure hunters of trying to swindle lobsterman:

20. WHOI searches for shipwrecks, German U-boats:

21. University of Hawaii, NOAA researchers survey World War II-era wreck sites off Maui:–Maui-Underwater-Wrecks/—Research-of-wrecks-reveals-wartime-history.html?nav=10

22. 1812 gunboat makes overland voyage to Fort Wellington:

23. Shipwreck ends Astoria’s bid to be “Nantucket of the West Coast”:

24. Shipwreck Art Gallery:

25. Florida’s ‘ethereal’ underwater art exhibition:

26. Thomas Clark: The Wreck of the “Santa Rosa”—Who Really Was to Blame?

27. A shipwreck, but not just any shipwreck:

28. Rare discovery marks literary milestone [“Eole”]:

29. Cape Cod’s oldest shipwreck [book advertisement]:

30. Armada ship found in Donegal waters [encore]:

31. Dark legend: Preserved corpses in Tahoe?

32. 19th-century shipwreck artifact treasure trove [HMS “Investigator” encore]:

33. More on the Captain Morgan ship [encore]:

34. Former navy destroyer sunk as an artificial reef in the Atlantic:

35. No room on the ark for Playboy Playmate Donna D’Errico [Not spam: she had to call off her seatch for Noah’s ark]:

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