Monday, April 4, 2011

Special thanks to  Ole Varmer for sending in news items.

1. Peter FitzSimons on his recently published “Batavia” shipwreck book:

2. Gallipoli’s relics of the deep:

3. Tsunamis: revealing the abyss of the deep:

4. Shetland study to map Viking world

5. House – bill introduced to require conveyance of the decommissioned Coast Guard Cutter “STORIS”:

6. Judge says Lake Erie shipwreck belongs to New York state:

7. 1830-era shipwreck found in Lake Michigan:,0,373963.story

8. That ‘junk’ has great value:

9. Diving into the Bible: Huntsville diver searches for remnants of Apostle Paul’s shipwreck:

10. Remains of old shipwreck resurface at Ocean Beach [clipper “King Philip”]:

11. Delaware ship to make waves on NatGeo [Kalmar Nyckel ship]:

12. Mount Calvert allows visitors to re-imagine War of 1812 :

13. More on Honor Frost’s art collection. Wilfrid Evill and Honor Frost:

14. Tiny Kenyan island questions tale of the Dragon:

15. 2,000-year-old black coral found in Gulf of Mexico:

16. Dive into Expedition Week! Shark men:

17. Atlantis—in a swamp?

18. Odyssey hunts nazi-torpedoed ship’s $260 million of silver [commercial salvage: S.S. “Gairsoppa”]$260+Million+in+Silver+Highlighted/6393985.html


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde
Department of Maritime Archaeology | Shipwreck Galleries | Western Australian Museum