Monday, April 2, 2012

Special thanks to Britt Burton, Paul Johnston, Denise Kuijlaars, Mark Polzer, and Jennifer Rodrigues for sending in news items. There will be no news in the coming two weeks due to field work (read: no internet access).

1. Indigenous canoe building worshop at Flinders with David Payne, Australian National Maritime Museum:

2. Nawi—Exploring Australia’s indigenous watercraft conference  [30 May–1 June 2012…it is a first, so don’t miss it]:

3. Shipwreck hunters [field work on Kangaroo Island, South Australia—Amer Kahn]:

4. Shipwreck memories flood back [SS English survivor Charles Rogers]:

5. Leading light (beacon) tower [Newscastle, NSW]:

6. Ban imposed on salvaging of shipwrecks [Sri Lanka]:

7. Indonesia’s shipwrecks mean riches and headaches:

8. Good news for the Chinese junk free China—By Dione Chen:

9. Archaeologists find graves containing bodies of 5,000 slaves on remote island:
Africans died in custody of Royal Navy in 1800s, after being seized from ships of slave traders, and were buried on St Helena:

See also: Slave cemetery from St. Helena:

10. Viking invaders brought mice everywhere, except Canada:

11. Crossrail dig uncovers historic Limmo Peninsula shipyard remains:

12. 18th c. Dutch telescopes made out of cow bones:

13. Historic First Nations artifact returned to B.C. [gifted to James Cook in 1778]:

14. Maritime Museum of B.C:

15. NPR Story: Sale of Titanic artifacts [sic]:

16. Meet Titanic‘s greatest explorer [no, it isn’t James Cameron]:

17. Titanic: Archaeology of an emigrant ship:

18. Titanic‘s legacy: A fascination with disasters:

19. New Titanic images revealed:

20. James Cameron: Diving deep, dredging up Titanic:

21. James Cameron describes Mariana Trench after Pacific dive:

22. Aggie Don Walsh advises movie director Cameron’s dive to deepest part of the world:

23. Sub-sea designer breaks silence:

24. Son to share dad’s journey [Loren Steffy]:–7066602

25. Underwater Technology Conference 2012, Norway

26. Register now for war of 1812 symposium [31 March, Oswega]:

27. Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki to Host “End to Antiquities Trafficking” Exhibition:

28. Mary Rose: Swansea University scientists probe shipwreck bones:

29. Saga of the northwest passage:

30. Ex-fisherman pens book about Alaskan shipwrecks:

31. San Diego diver raising funds for far away ‘crystal wreck’ dive expedition:

32. Istanbul archeologist describes excavation of ancient ships, port:

33. More on…NOAA ship “Okeanos” explorer’s 2012:

34. More on…USA to settle argument over where Drake stopped to restock:

Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University