Monday, April 11, 2011

Special thanks to Sarah Nahabedian for sending in news items.

1. Looting from the SS “Glenelg” – Channel 7:

2. Arrests in Kent over historic ship theft:

3. Fishmonger hits out at Thames shipwreck plunderers:

4. Recycling, not reefs, in store for old aircraft carriers:

5. Seafloor explorer :

6. California islands give up evidence of early seafaring:

7. Nazi warplane lying off UK coast is intact:

8. Utah rock art and the Hawaiian connection:

9. Heritage designation sought for Royston breakwater wrecks :

10. Montenegrin maritime archaeology research project:

11. Ruins of Jbeil’s Phoenician port to be uncovered:

12. At sea: Ship’s cats:

13. Chinese search for Ming shipwreck off Kenyan coast:

14. Rising seas made China’s ancient mariners:

15. Shipwreck found near Saugatuck may date to 1830s:

16. Ghosts of Seattle’s maritime past lie at bottom of Lake Union:

17. Texas State researcher helps find pirate cannons:

18. ‘Courage and love across the sea’:

19. Mystic Seaport celebrates sailors’ ink:,0,6276875.story–Tattoo-Tales/

20. See Colourful Hymns to the Sea in Hong Kong:

21. CSS “Alabama” cannon to be displayed this weekend:

22. Dive into Expedition Week!

23. Diver Searches for St. Paul’s Shipwreck:

24. Ecomuseum of the Cape Cavalleria field school:


Dr Wendy van Duivenvoorde