Moday, Sepember 21, 2013

Special thanks to Chelsea Colwell-Pasch for compiling this week’s news and to George Bass, Britt Burton, Valerie J. Grussing, Denise Kuijlaars, Adam Paterson, Mark Polzer, Andrew Wilkinson and Dave Meadows’ Explorator team for sending in news items.

1) The Duke of Edinburgh and the world’s oldest clipper ship.

2) Queensland at forefront of innovative mapping technology.

3)  Florida boy, 7, finds ancient canoe while scuba diving.

4) Bahrain: Bid to protect underwater heritage.

5) Call to conserve Bagan temples in Myanmar.

6) Artifacts Stolen From Indonesia’s National Museum.

7) Ancient India’s southern ports.

8) Undersea office upgraded [Sri Lanka].

9) More antiques discovered in Vietnamese shipwrecks.

10) Vote for Pennsylvania’s most endangered artefact.

11) America’s first ship is reimagined, recreated.

12) First magnetometer eexpedition over wrecks of USS Scourge (Lord Nelson) and USS Hamilton.

13) 1890 shipwreck of Canadian schooner found in Lake Ontario.

14) Indiana panel approves Lake Michigan shipwreck site as state’s 1st underwater preserve.–Underwater-Preserve

15) Final funds secured for Nikolai shipwreck memorial on West End.

16) Neanderthals may have feasted on fish.

17) Researchers build ‘Google Earth’ project for the ancient world.

18) The writer who built the world’s first engine-powered submarine.–224148171.html#ixzz2fPT9Swzo

19) City’s archaeological experts steer the right course for rudder’s restoration.

20) 2,000-Year-Old Town Discovered by the Sea of Galilee.

21) Early modern humans arrived in near east 42,000 years ago.

22) Explorations adds exhibit of Bible-era artefacts.

23) Study confirms ancient river systems in Sahara 100,000 years ago.

24) Archaeologists recover ancient boat near Great Pyramid in Egypt.

25) The National Geographic Channel, The Travel Channel, Spike TV: stop airing their “Digger” programs.

26) Talk like a pirate day: shipwrecks, booty, and linguistics.

27) Replica Spanish solid silver paddle on show a century on.

28) At 114,000 tons, the Costa Concordia is history’s biggest salvage job.

29) Gold, guns take centre stage at Higgenbotham auction [Commercial salvage].

30) Odyssey marine exploration appoints Philip S. Devine as chief financial officer [Commercial salvage].


Wendy van Duivenvoorde, PhD
Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Deputy Director, Australian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC)
Department of Archaeology | Flinders University