ACUA Student – Qtrly Newsletter

Newsletter for Students Interested in Underwater Archaeology

Attention students interested in underwater archaeology!

The student representatives for the ACUA are now releasing a quarterly newsletter ACUA Student geared toward all underwater archaeology students, undergraduate or graduate! These newsletters will contain great information on current student research, upcoming conferences, field school opportunities, and ways to advance your professional career.

Download your copy of ACUA Student!

Spring 2019 ACUAStudentNewsletterV7I1_2019 NEW!
Winter 2018 ACUAStudentNewsletterV6I3
Summer 2018
Spring 2018 ACUAStudentNewsletterV6I1
Winter 2017 ACUAStudentNewsletterV5I4
Fall 2017 ACUAStudentNewsletterV5I3
Summer 2017 ACUAStudentNewsletterV5I2
Spring 2017 ACUAStudentNewsletter V5I1
Fall 2016 ACUAStudentNewsletter_V4I1
Fall 2015 ACUAStudentNewsletter_V3I2s
Spring 2015 – ACUAStudentSpringNewsletter_V3I1
Winter 2014 – ACUAStudentWinterNewsletterV2I3
Summer 2014 – ACUAStudentSummerNewsletterV2I2
Spring 2014 – ACUAStudentSpringNewsletterV2I1
Winter 2013 – ACUAStudentWinter2013NewsletterV1I3
Fall 2013 – ACUAStudentFall2013NewsletterV1I2
Spring 2013 – ACUAStudentSpring2013NewsletterV1I1

If you have any suggestions for information or student research to feature in upcoming editions, please contact us . We would appreciate any and all input to make this newsletter applicable to the largest student community possible.