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Canadian Conservation Institute

Preserving a historic house? Looking for a collections assessment survey? Are you in need of conservation or restoration treatment for a valuable work of art? Seeking training opportunities? The staff of the Institute is committed to helping. The site is a forum to share knowledge and resources, conservation expertise, publications, training, treatment projects, research, and the latest in conservation techniques.

Preserving My Heritage

This site designed to help you care for and preserve your treasures, heirlooms, and works of art. It also provides information about the fascinating world of heritage conservation and the work carried out by the Canadian Conservation Institute.


Conservation FAQs and Facts is a document on the SHA web site with about 100 FAQs on archaeological conservation, geared toward archaeologists and conservators.

Technical Briefs

National Park Service ConserveOGrams are short, focused leaflets about caring for museum objects. In addition to specific handling and storage instructions for a wide variety of museum objects and materials, there is much information on safety and emergency preparedness and response.ConserveOGrams particularly relevant to archaeological or underwater artifacts include:

1/4 Use of Acryloid B-72 Lacquer for Labeling Museum Objects 1993
1/8 Using Silica Gel in Microenvironments 1999

6/1 First Aid for Wet-Site Objects 1993
6/2 Desalinization: Passive Alkaline Soak 1993
6/3 Testing for Chlorides with Silver Nitrate 1993
6/5 Soluble Salts and Deterioration of Archeological Materials 1998
6/6 Long-Term Effects of Acid-Cleaning Archeological Ceramics 1999

National Park Service ConserveOGrams can be found at:

ConserveOGrams are published by the NPS Museum Management Program, which also publishes a useful Museum Handbook in three volumes, available on line at