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This is our secure portal to annual meeting documents and other administrative and information items. All documents are saved in PDF format. Should you have copies of documents or other reports that relate to the year in question and are not included, please let me know so that I can eventually assemble as thorough a record as possible.

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About the ACUA | Organizational Documents:
– ACUA Articles of Incorporation rev3
– ACUA Bylaws
– ACUA Policies and Procedures_rev2020
– ACUA Ethics Statement
– ACUA Non-Discrimination Statement
– ACUA  Anti-Harassment and Intimidation Statement
-ACUA Anti-Racism Statement
– ACUA and SHA Memorandum of Understanding

About the ACUA
– ACUA Statement of Core Principles

UCH | Ethics and Museum Standards
– ACUA Ethics Press Kit

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ACUA Corporate Documents

ACUA Annual Calendar of Deadlines and Assignments (pending update)

ACUA Committees and Mission Statements
Underwater Archaeology Survey Guidelines Review Committee
Mission statement: To identify the full range of existing underwater archaeology survey guidance, and to create an inclusive working group represented by governmental, academic, private and CRM archaeologists to develop best practices guidelines for marine archaeology surveys.

-Annual Conference Abstract Review Panel
Mission Statement: To evaluate all underwater archaeological abstracts for quality, content, submission timeliness and compliance with the SHA/ACUA Code of Ethics.

-Development Committee
Mission Statement: To spearhead fundraising for the larger organization in support of activities initiated by the board.  The Development Committee is also responsible for donor standards, avoidance of conflict of interest, and any other issues that may arise over the course of fundraising. Decisions about how much money is to be raised and what those funds are to be spent on resides with the ACUA at large and not with the Development Committee.

-Social Media and Website Committee
Mission Statement: To create and disseminate information for the public, and to create opportunities for public dialog and interaction in support of the organization’s goals for preservation and stewardship of underwater cultural heritage worldwide.

Mission Statement: To promote the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, ensure the ACUA is an active NGO engaged with the Secretariat and other NGOs, and be an online resource for practitioners and the general public regarding the Convention.

Graduate Student Associate Member
Mission Statement: To bridge the path between students and the professional world of underwater archaeology.  Using outreach tools such as social media and newsletters, Graduate Student Associate Members encourage students and others interested in the field to engage in professional development opportunities including conferences, volunteering, internships, field schools, and scholarships. Increased access, education, and participation in underwater archaeology will foster diversity and inclusivity, strengthening the field for future generations. Graduate Student Associate Members serve on the SHA Academic and Professional Training Committee (APTC), co-chair an ATPC-sponsored session at the SHA Conference, and assist with ACUA sponsored social media outreach.